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Boom! Launching Cannon Strategic Communications

It's been just over 24 hours since I posted about the launch of Cannon Strategic Communications to my LinkedIn profile and followed up with posts on Twitter and Facebook, and I'm incredibly overwhelmed and grateful for the response from friends, colleagues, and clients near and far. If you've landed here via another route, here's the full post:

Friends, colleagues, current and prospective clients, I am very excited to announce the launch today of Cannon Strategic Communications! This move formalizes the many roles I've played over the past several months as a communications consultant and publicist, writer, and social media storyteller for organizations large and small.  I've especially enjoyed the variety of projects and the diverse missions of the businesses and not-for-profits with whom I've had the pleasure to work, both individually and as part of in-house teams. Focusing this work under my own banner will help me bring to it greater clarity and efficiency. It will also allow me to take on more complex projects by more easily engaging a network of trusted associates who are experts in web design, video production, and photography. I'll continue to serve national clients in higher education, but I also look forward to working with the many growers, brewers, technologists, artists, and other entrepreneurs who are helping to create the new economy right here in the Hudson Valley.  Common to all clients, of course, is the ever-greater need to connect with people through clear, concise, and powerful communications. If you, or anyone you know, share that need, let's talk. Thanks for reading.

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